Designer Stand Up Bling Beach Glass Display Window

  • $90.00

The Bling Beach Glass Designer Window is for collectors that have a collection of larger treasures. Just take off the top, drop in your glass, and put the top back on. Unlike our other series of windows that have a window pane to window pane gap of 3/4″, the Designer Window has a 2″ gap between the window panes. Place your Bling Beach Glass Window in a sunny location so all the beautiful colors can shine through like “BLING”!

It’s easy to just slide the sea glass out again to change your display any time.

The window is designed with a tempered-glass window pane on both sides, which is about four times stronger than “ordinary” or annealed, glass

The window doesn’t include any beach or sea glass— you add the bling!

– The window is 12-3/4″ high x 12-3/4″ wide x 3- 1/2″ deep with a 2″ opening between the glass to display and store your treasures.
– Each window takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks to make, including personalizing each unit with a unique number making it “one of a kind.”
– The window is engineered to hold approximately 30 lbs.
– The windows are crafted in and shipped directly from Bling Beach Glass Windows in Southwest Michigan.
– Not recommended for use where exposed to water.

Great unique, one-of-a-kind gift for a beach lover, a coastal home, or a souvenir of the beach!

Sorry: Gift wrap not available.

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This item is made to order so unfortunately we can not offer refunds.