Beachcomber Bling Beach Glass Display - READY TO SHIP - White or Wood

  • $55.00


The Bling Beach Glass Beachcomber Window is for collectors that want to display a larger selection of their treasures in a narrow space. Just slide the top up, drop in your glass, and slide the top down. The window is designed with a tempered-glass window pane on both sides and an opening at the top to add the beach glass into the display. And, it's easy to just slide the sea glass out again to change your display any time. Place your Bling Beach Glass Window in a sunny location so all the beautiful colors can shine through like “BLING”!

The frame material is available as white composite, natural cedar, or walnut-stained cedar. The window doesn't include any beach or sea glass— you add the bling!

– The window is 16.75″ high x 10.75″ wide x 1.5″ deep with a 3/4″ opening between the glass to display and store your treasures.
– When hung by the patent-pending hanging system, the total height is approximately 27 inches.
– The window is engineered to hold approximately 30 lbs.
– The windows are crafted in and shipped directly from Bling Beach Glass Windows in Southwest Michigan.
– Not recommended for use where exposed to water.
– Made with tempered glass, which is about four times stronger than “ordinary” or annealed, glass.

Great unique, one-of-a-kind gift for a beach lover, a coastal home, or a souvenir of the beach!

Sorry: Gift wrap not available.

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Materials: wood or composite frame, metal hanging system, tempered glass.