Beach Therapy Box Miniature Zen Beach

  • $19.95

Sometimes a quick trip to the beach is all you need to get your day back on track. When you can’t make it to the real beach, you can always open your Beach Therapy Box and pretend you’re there!

Dig for shells, fill your bucket, or rake the sand for a meditative pause in your day. Set up the enclosed postcard or a picture of your favorite beach as a background, sprinkle in your own sand and beach finds, or add beach accessories to personalize your Beach Therapy Box.

Each Beach Therapy Box contains the following:
- 150ml of bright white Sandtastik sand (about 1/2 pound)
- Real wood rake to smooth out your zen sand garden
- Tiny red metal and wood bucket to collect treasures
- Pretty mermaid-scale box
- One of twelve different beach-themed post cards to add as a background to your beach
- Box Dimensions: 7x5x2 inches. Made in the USA.
- Sandtastik sand is allergy free, clean, 100% safe indoor sand — contains no quartz, no asbestos, no wheat, and no nuts.
- A mini bucket full of genuine seashells (sea glass not included)

Each box is completely unique: no two sea shells are alike and there are twelve different post cards. If you have any questions, want a specific chair, ball, or postcard, please let me know!

This fun box is perfect for your coastal home, beach house, or a great way to display your favorite finds from your beachcombing trips. Great unique, one-of-a-kind gift for a beach lover, sea glass collector, or as your own personal beach!

Get your daily dose of vitamin sea! With the Beach Therapy Box you can play in the sand, even when you can't get to the beach.

Beach Therapy Box is meant for indoor decorative use and gentle handling. Not suitable for children; may pose a choking hazard.

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