Children’s book celebrates California sea glass

“A to Sea: A California Sea Glass Alphabet” teaches the alphabet with art created from sea glass

Kirsti Scott is pleased to announce the release of her first book, A to Sea: A California Sea Glass Alphabet. The book features artwork that Scott created with sea glass she found on local Monterey Bay beaches. Scott created images to represent each letter of the alphabet by arranging the pieces into shapes then photographing the sea glass mosaics.

“I started this whole project by creating just the letters out of sea glass,” she said, ”but as time went by and I made more sea glass mosaics, I decided I should see if I could make an image for each letter in the alphabet.”

sea-glass-alphabet-book-400x400A graphic designer by trade, Scott is the creative director at Scott Design Inc, a web design firm in Aptos. In her free time, she enjoys looking for sea glass on the beaches of Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. As her collection of sea glass has grown, she has found new ways to turn it into art.

“I love creating jewelry and accessories with the sea glass that I have collected, but graphic design is a natural for me,” she said. “I love creating all kinds of print pieces with my photographs of sea glass, and this book is a natural extension of that.”

Sea glass is glass that was discarded in the ocean years ago and has been frosted by the waves and the chemistry of seawater. Thanks to the large waves and tides in Monterey Bay, sea glass can often be found on the beaches here.

Most of the images in the book represent animals and images from California’s central coast.

“There are surfboards, an otter, a sailboat, pelicans, and more. It was kind of a reach to find an image for some of the letters, and there are a couple of things in the book that I haven’t personally seen yet, but hopefully it will be fun for locals to see which images they recognize. And, it’ll be a great way for kids to learn about their letters and our local area at the same time.”

You can order a book online or pick one up in Santa Cruz at Bookshop Santa Cruz, the gift shop at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Center, or the Ocean Discovery Shop at Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Contact Kirsti about wholesale ordering or with other questions.